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What is the benefit of working with us?

Who we are ?

ICOMP Malaysia is the leading marketplace & information website for health and wellbeing. Our main goal is to help everyone with the right information, by only recommending products that have been backed up by experts and by satisfied customers. Everything we do is designed to help every reader to take the right decision for themselves when it comes to choosing the right supplements for their needs. More than 35000 people in Malaysia are constantly improving their life with our constant guidance, we mainly cover mental, and physical health for men and women. We are the first place to get unbiased reviews about health supplements and lifestyle hacks,

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What is the benefit of working with us?

Your presence on the internet no longer matters

If you don’t do it correctly. Websites, social media, or blog articles are no longer relevant factors to become visible. You have to be, yes, but you also have to be better and more than your competition. Here is where we come in, as our website has a reach of THOUSANDS of people around Malaysia on a monthly basis, we offer affordable solutions to increase your online presence IN THE RIGHT WAY! Most importantly saving you tons of costs for doing Google Ads PPC and SEO. Our blog ranks in the 1st position on Google constantly, even for highly competitive keywords.


To be able to rank on Google is so exhausting for a lot of companies as there are tons of factors to work on in order to reach the top of the Google search Results Page. Our content is consistently ranked among the top 1 to 5 positions on Google, even for keywords that are highly competitive.


NO MORE FRAUD CLICKS, Google ads PPC campaigns tend to have fraud clicks, as competitors spam using a click bot on your google ads, wasting advertising budget that eventually you won’t be able to sustain.


Ads on Google can be highly expensive to maintain in terms of ad budget people bidding and keyword competition. Likely be in the future as trends show that cost-per-click bidding for Google PPC is rising as we speak now.


We can help you consistently rank among the top positions at a fraction of the cost, saving you thousands of dollars in ads. Boosting your business trust, increasing awareness, and most importantly more sale

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We will answer all your key business questions.
Ask for full rates and partnership opportunities. Get in touch with us at

We will answer all your key business questions. Ask for full rates and partnership opportunities. Get in touch with us at